2000 - present: Tracing patterns of invention and their intersections (e.g.,analysing USPTO citations)

2017-present: Continuing to explore patterns of nature (e.g., D'Arcy Thompson's 1917 tome)

2009: Studying the neuroscience of “Inattention Blindness” and its relationship to behavior (e.g., climate denial and war)

1993-1996: Exploring interrelationships among art, evolution, and biotechnology

1990s: Comparing and interpreting museum displays of natural history and technology (e.g., Narodni Museum, Czech Rep.)

1985: Participating in NASA's art program and developing NASA commission for art work based on launch of the space shuttle, Atlantis

1984-5: Visualizing observatories (e.g., ceiling mural (Palomar) at the National Academy of Sciences)